The cold shoulder blazer


I am a big fan of blazers, not necessarily for work but I actually love styling them on different looks! I found this classy suit at Michael Kors, a cold shoulder blazer with a cropped straight leg pants.
The moment I tried them on, I was officially obsessed! They give off the “please.. you can’t walk with me” vibe but in a nice way (like there’s ever a nice way of saying that hahaha) but you know what I mean!



And to finish it off with a chic touch, I added a leather bag and my new Christian Dior babies!


Those shoes have been on my shopping list since I saw them on the runway show! I didn’t know which color to choose, but with me being a huge fan of nude colors, it was so obvious.. because they really do work with LITERALLY everything!



Outfit DEEtails:

Blazer: Michael Kors, similar here and here

Pants: Michael Kors, similar here and here

Bag: Michael Kors, similar here and here

Shoes: Christian Dior, similar here and here


Photographer: Weesography



First thing you see looking at those photos is that bamboo clutch/bag!
Something I always go by with my outfits is that most of the time I have an item I absolutely love, I tend to setup an entire outfit according to it!
A very basic pairing of a navy blue tank top along with a beige high waist pants.



The sandals as well are another standout in this outfit, I chose to go with these slick see through heels because well why not?!
All the other things came into place when I found this gorgeous massive door that blended in!


This indeed is one way I spiced up my summer going from bright and colorful to dim with a unique perspective!

Till next time..




Outfit DEEtails:

Pants: Mango (no longer available), similar here and here

Top: Namshi, similar here and here

Bag: Hyley, similar here and here


Summer List


As soon as summer kicked off I couldn’t wait to put on my dresses and colorful outfits I had stacked up in my wardrobe weeks before June. And here’s yet another summer ensemble that I am obsessed with for different reasons.



These types of dresses are just perfect for the heat, they’re also very trendy (with the off shoulder), and they’re vibrant!



Believe it or not, I recently discovered that I actually don’t own clothing items in red and green (thanks to my mom pointing it out to me). So next item on my MOST WANTED clothes list is something green!



As for the remainder of the summer, I can’t wait to share more tips on how to beat the heat while being chic at the same time.

What’s on your shopping list this summer?



Outfit DEEtails:

Dress: Storets, similar here and here

Shoes: Christian Louboutin , similar here and here



After discovering this chic French boutique La Fee Maraboutee in Dubai I couldn’t help but find myself get lost in translation.
The linen, the styles, the colors.. oh mon dieu!



I picked out their beautiful rose pink suit for a summer ensemble. The thing about suits like this is they make it so easy for you to pair things with it. Accessories for the evening, a blouse maybe for a meeting or two, and a tank top in my case for a warm sunny Monday running around from my office to an outdoor meeting.
Paired along with a nude pair of shoes, in this case I wanted to keep it all French with my louboutins haha 🙈any excuse as always!





After this photoshoot, I noticed that the background looked like I was in the La Fee Maraboutee store but The flowers and the greenery in the background was just a coincidence I promise!

Till next time..



Outfit DEEtails:

Trousers: La Fee Maraboutee, similar here and here

Jacket: La Fee Maraboutee, similar here and here

Shoes: Christian Louboutin , similar here and here



The summer of beaches, sunnies, hats , dresses, and sandals!

It is really way too hot to wear anything else, but we always find a way around it.. not this time though, this one is specifically for a sunny brunch beach kinda day.
I’ve always been in love with accessories and have always felt like they tend to give an edge to an outfit. I mean surely anyone could end up wearing the same thing but the accessories on it makes it different, unique, and says a lot about your mood I believe.



Here, for example, I felt like sipping on a cold Piña Colada whilst enjoying the summer heat and the refreshing beach!


You all enjoying your summer so far??

Outfit DEEtails:

Dress: Gap, similar here and here

Shoes: Clarks, similar here and here

The Jewel Corner


Diamonds and gold represent so many things to so many different people, but more specifically (diamonds are a girl’s best friend) us females do tend to have a special place in our hearts for diamond beauties that are rare and eyecatching. It Was Kate Hudson who best described how we all truly felt about diamonds.


“Frost yourselves…” she said, and I did with different shapes, sizes, and as many as I could; all at once. Layering and stacking up bracelets, necklaces and earrings. It’s not every day, after all, that you get to explore with diamonds and pure gold!



The ring shapes and the bracelet overlays. The diamond studs and the crescent earrings. All within your own budget limitations! Which brings me to how I discovered Jewel Corner. The Jewel Corner was recommended to me by a couple of people I know, I looked it up and read great reviews, and not just about the quality of their pieces but also about their affordable prices (which is very rare to find nowadays).


Making the decision of choosing Jewel Corner to display some of my favorite diamonds and jewelry items was a choice to allow you, my readers, in having a chance to winning one of these beauties for yourselves on my next giveaway! Stay tuned on Instagram.


Till next time…

Jewelry DEEtails:

Ruffles and a denim jacket


Any big fan of sex and the city would agree that SJP totally changed our lives with ruffles! And me being obsessed with that show made me always want to walk down the streets looking as fabulous and as cool as Carrie Bradshaw!




I’ll be walking around, strutting in sandals, you’ll find ruffles in layers, and a vintage touch of just a simple jeans jacket. The intentions were to prove yet again that it’s the simplest of outfits and the classic 80s reinvention better yet rebirth touch of mixing the old with the new that will always be a major win.



I like to mix and match so even though those denim jackets would probably be the last thing you’d necessarily think of this summer, wipe that dust off of them because there’s always use for something old..




Till next time



Outfit DEEtails:

Top: Namshi, similar here and here

Skirt: Botta Fashion, similar here and here

Jacket: Shein, similar here and here