Mini staycation


Last weekend was a much needed staycation at the Four Seasons resort at jumeirah and to be honest I didn’t want to leave!
I’m going to start this post by explaining why I decided to go on my getaway and fell in love with this hotel. I was supposed to travel on a short vacay but unfortunately had some complications with some of my plans and decided to stay instead. I had to ofcourse compensate and immediately thought of a small vacation somewhere around the U.A.E.
I wanted to stay at a nice resort with a great beach view (you all should know by now my everlasting love for the beach) and the four seasons jumeirah was exactly what I was looking for! A huge luxury hotel with amazing service, stunning beach, and don’t get me started on their spa facilities!!



I couldn’t get myself to stop photo-shooting around the hotel! I had the perfect greenery layouts, the stunning beach views, the Arabic vintage details, and of course the gorgeous never ending pathways.




Can’t wait to get me some more much needed getaways like this..

Till next time..




Hotel: Four Seasons Dubai

Photography: Claire Stafford

Outfits DEEtails:

White Skirt: Zara (no longer available), similar here and here

Green top: Namshi, similar here and here

Pink trousers: Ted Baker, similar here and here

Bomber: Ted baker, similar here and here

Simply.. DIOR


Every person has a moment they go through in life that fills them with pride and truly proves that hard work does indeed pay off one way or another. This was mine..




Head to toe dressed in Dior for the pre fall collection reveal 2017. Everything on me; the sunnies, the choker, the accessories, the dress, and the shoes were DIOR! And lord only knows how good it felt.
In collaboration with we where able to produce moments of magic.




The concept behind this shoot is portraying two different personalities and styles with one similarity.. their love for Dior!


I hope you enjoy those images as much as I did. Let me know your thoughts below


Till next time..



My Haven


Here’s how it began.. The value of happiness can not be estimated, It can not be described, it can only be felt by you!
When in Maldives, staying in such hotel know from experience that there is such a thing as guaranteed happiness.
The island is like a safe haven where you get to experience blessings and beautiful scenes in their finest of forms. You sit there and have your breath taken away almost instantly!



I was barefooted the entire time dressing up in dresses that made me feel like I belonged. Dresses that represented me and my haven. From different local designers that I sincerely love, as inspiring as each could be in their own way. Starting off with Amira Haroon who quickly became a close friend of mine, designing all of her pieces so adequately and in such details you can’t help but fall in love.


As for Lilli Jahilo her delicate touch in designs are sublime.



This entire trip won’t be the only one I hope, and it taught me to appreciate the things I do in life to get to where I am today. It’s always important to believe that hard work pays off.


From the Maldives.. Ba’ajjeveri dhuvahey


Hotel DEEtails:


Photographer DEEtails:

Ahmed Rasheed


Outfit DEEtails:

Pink dress: Lilli Jahilo, similar here and here

Yellow dress: Lilli Jahilo, similar here and here

White dress: Amira Haroon, similar here and here

A piece of heaven on earth


I can now say that I’ve finally had the chance to visit and stand in the midst of heaven on earth.
The best experience I’ve had so far and I would do it all over again with a heartbeat.
The way I decided to explain this to you is with explicit details so that you’d be able to feel like you’ve seen, done, and felt the way I’ve experienced this.



Starting off with the hotel, I stayed at the St. Regis Maldives after rave reviews from across the planet! I booked for four nights to get a long overdue break from work, life, and reality. The room, oh my, do they’re like cabins in the midst of the beautiful Maldives seas. They have this cute bike if you enjoy a ride and they offer a cart which is also just a phone call away to pick you up and take you around!


The view from my bed is astonishing I honestly have never seen anything like it before. Walking around from the pool front in the cabin you can choose to just swim with the fish and the beautiful sea creatures. My favorite area for snorkeling and diving! Ahh what a scene! Another favorite of mine was a feature in the room which basically controlled most amenities (curtains, tv, YouTube, music, lights, etc..) on an iPad.. so a literal click of button and voila!




Moving on, the restaurants. From jungle themed Arabian restaurants to Asian. My favorite start was the breakfast at Alba but saying that doesn’t do the rest justice. Every restaurant I tried was truly delicious and I’m not just saying that! I’m very picky with food and there’s nothing I did not enjoy! There are some activities you could do during your stay like yoga to keep your self feeling fresh.
Oh wow, writing this I found myself suddenly getting carried away.


One last thing, I promise.. because I can’t end this without mentioning the best part of it all. THE SPA! Ah heaven heaven heaven! There’s nothing I’ve experienced in my life that felt better than this.

Yes, I can now say that I’ve waken up in heaven!






Hotel DEEtails:

Outfit DEEtails:

White dress: Lilli Jahilo, similar here and here

Merry Christmas


Something I’ve dreamt of seeing my entire life, it would never cross many of your imagination.. and that is experiencing snow!
Yes, Traveling around the world does not accompany the luxury of seeing snow for me. A true dream come true. It took me back to my childhood making me feel like it’s Christmas finally! Oh and what a wonderful feeling it was




Cherishing the moments I spent under the white frosty trees with absolute joy, having my family alongside me, I truly couldn’t have asked for anything more than that on such a beautiful day!
With all the love and happiness I had, I couldn’t help but share these truly wonderful moments with you.



As Christmas approaches, I wish you all love, happiness, health and prosperity to you and your loved ones. May it be a Merry Christmas to all and a very snowy cozy one indeed 🏼


Healthy Hair

Over the years, I’ve tried different hair products to sustain healthy hair. With
me being me, trying out different hairstyles and coloring it every now and then
is a must and could eventually cause lots of damage to the hair; like making it
weak and thinning out the roots.
I have to be honest, as soon as I heard about CYNOS products I was quick to
think that it was impossible to have a product with 0% sulfate, silicone, and
Parabean that could actually improve the strength of my hair.. But, I was
wrong! Trying out the CYNOS Intense Repair shampoo and conditioner for
almost 2 weeks now with every hair wash was beneficial because it didn’t feel
like I was using hundreds of chemicals to get rid of the unnecessary chemicals
on my head.
What I did was, I used the CYNOS hair mask after drying out my hair with a
towel, and applied the hair mask on for 15 minutes then washed it. I did this
process three times already and definitely feel like it revitalized the roots of my
hair with the natural oils in the product protecting and reviving the strength of
my hair.
I truly believe that this product is beneficial after trying it out for a couple of
weeks and I highly recommend it.
Till next time..
Product DEEtails:

Home away from home

A weekend away from home..


Featuring Kempinski hotel mall of the emirates and my weekend getaway staying at their recently launched Aspen Ski Chalets.

First off, being a resident in the UAE the chances of seeing actual snow is slim to none. So, having to wake up to the view of the snowy slopes of Ski Dubai by the fire place felt absolutely sublime! The spacious bedrooms, the walls, the kitchen, ahh that marble bathroom was literally everything!


The phrase “home away from home” works perfectly with this.. Onto my outfits for this weekend’s getaway, I wore my favorite Asos jeans paired with a sassy cropped top.


Moving on to a light blue ruffle dress to go with the Spanish paella I had for dinner hahaha.. cheeky I know, but I had to go for it!




I honestly am counting the days to my next visit at the hotel, thanking it for the memories..




Outfit DEEtails:

Dress: Zara, similar here and here

Jeans: Asos, similar here