Hello! I’m Dee. A twenty-eight years old living in Abu Dhabi, a chill city in the UAE. I spend most of my days working at an insurance company which I enjoy, but my heart lies in fashion. I love it and I hope that my blog will be the first step in pursuing fashion as a career. I’m beyond excited to start this journey with all of you. It feels over whelming to speak to a wider audience, but I cannot wait to share my ideas with you!


My Journey

I remember vividly when I realized my love for fashion. My mother, sister and I were at the mall shopping. Shopping when I was younger, was only for essentials. You only went to the mall if you needed something. As a matter of fact we were shopping for school that day and happened to pass by a shoe store and I caught a glimpse of shiny red pumps. I begged my mum to turn back that day and after several hours she budged and those red pumps were the beginning of the love affair I have with fashion.


I started noticing a growing interest in fashion designers over the years. I can’t really pinpoint who my favorite designers are, but if you really want to know, like really want to know, fine I will tell you. My all time favorites are Mary Katrantzou, Valentino, and Dolce and Gabbana but I’m starting to fall for Altuzarra and Thakoon. Their 2015 spring collection is to DIE FOR. Despite my love for designers, I love to see how each and every person’s individuality shows in their personal style, how they mix and match their stunning pieces into their daily looks. This is something I hope to share with you.

Designers 2014-15-01

My Blog

I first decided to start a blog almost a year ago, but it took me this long because I really wanted to get it right. I started dotting down tons of ideas for posts and creating a diverse look book. This blog will be my fashion and lifestyle diary and my journey to learn and discover.

DEEtails, will feature everyday and occasion looks. The clothes and accessories will include affordable items as well as some designer. All details of the outfit concoctions will be mentioned.

DEEpicks, will feature Street styles, fashion week, award season dresses and more.

DEEiy, will feature some hairstyles, makeup, and design tips that you can do from the comfort of your own home.

Fun Facts

DeeforDana BIO-01-01I love 90’s hip-hop & R’n’B and I can listen to it on repeat EVERYDAY. I know the words of every lyric of Mark Morison’s Return of The Mack.. Awesome?! I know!!

I love a good burger & fries. A reason why dieting never works with me

I love the beach. Who doesn’t?? But it gives me that oozing feeling of relaxation and a little bit of heaven on earth!

I love walking into the mall and seeing the latest trends. Most of my ideas and pairings come from extensive research and shopping sprees!

Cooking is another passion of mine. I like to experiment a lot in the kitchen using different herbs and spices. My favorite thing to do is to incorporate my grandparents recipes into modern-day recipes.

This is just the beginning of something beautiful and challenging, but I am all in. So without further ado, let’s begin.

Fashion Designers mentioned above:

1. Thakoon

2. Valentino

3. Altuzzara

4. Dolce & Gabbana

5. Mary Katrantzou

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