Wedding day

Hello my loves!

It’s been a long time since my last blog post! I missed you all and I missed sharing my diaries with you. I can’t believe we are in March already, I feel like I ​just got married yesterday! I started 2018​ with lots of love and laughs. I got married to the person I can finally call my best friend and the love of my life. ​As I started a new life​, ​it came with it new responsibilities and priorities ​and it took ​me some time to organize everything. And that’s why I’ve been a way for a while 🤗 but now I’m back! ​Today, I’m so happy to share with you some of the highlights of my special day, and I hope you like it!


 For the wedding dress, it took me a while till I found and designed the “IT dress”. I visited many wedding ​stores in the UAE,​ and everything I found was either too simple, or too extra for me  or above my budget. And you know you can’t just order your wedding dress online! You have to try it; what if it needs alteration? What if the quality is not like what you expected?! Do you get me? After a lot of searching, finally a good friend of mine​ introduced me to the talented designer Marmar Halim;​ who from the first time we met, had the sketch of my wedding dress done! And I can’t express how happy I was with the results, the details and the quality of the dress.





For the hair and makeup, I decided to keep it simple. Just how I usually look, but of course with some extra touches!



​If you are getting married soon, my only advice to you is to enjoy every moment, and just have fun preparing your wedding! Because we ladies all have been waiting for our special day, so we might as well make it memorable and enjoyable.





Wedding dress: Marmar Halim

Hair Stylist: Wassim

Makeup artist: Pearl


One thought on “Wedding day

  1. The most heartwarming photos, you look absolutely radiant on your wedding day💖 The wedding gown is so enchanting, loved the embroidery floral details!
    Wishing you a lifetime full of happiness, joy and health.
    Have a wonderful day gorgeous😍



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