Healthy Hair

Over the years, I’ve tried different hair products to sustain healthy hair. With
me being me, trying out different hairstyles and coloring it every now and then
is a must and could eventually cause lots of damage to the hair; like making it
weak and thinning out the roots.
I have to be honest, as soon as I heard about CYNOS products I was quick to
think that it was impossible to have a product with 0% sulfate, silicone, and
Parabean that could actually improve the strength of my hair.. But, I was
wrong! Trying out the CYNOS Intense Repair shampoo and conditioner for
almost 2 weeks now with every hair wash was beneficial because it didn’t feel
like I was using hundreds of chemicals to get rid of the unnecessary chemicals
on my head.
What I did was, I used the CYNOS hair mask after drying out my hair with a
towel, and applied the hair mask on for 15 minutes then washed it. I did this
process three times already and definitely feel like it revitalized the roots of my
hair with the natural oils in the product protecting and reviving the strength of
my hair.
I truly believe that this product is beneficial after trying it out for a couple of
weeks and I highly recommend it.
Till next time..
Product DEEtails:

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