Strut in style


Oh when it comes to street style shoots this will be a favorite of mine!
It started off with a couple of snaps by the beautiful stairs and as I walked away to hydrate this was actually taken! It wasn’t planned and yes it turned out to be my favorite!
 4 5
Strutting around in my beautiful shoes soaking up the sun in a vintage floral culottes and a simple grey top is all I needed. I know, I always try to make it sound so easy; it truly isn’t haha! The secret is and I love how I could subtly quote drake here “started from the bottom”. To me it’s almost ALWAYS the shoes I start with when choosing the ultimate outfit pairing.
And I think that’s why some of the times I make life so difficult.. not in this case though, as soon as I saw those shoes, the pants was just a must. Got it from a vintage store during my last trip to Italy and the floral print got me going crazy! Hence, the confidence I had walking around in the pair. Tied hair back for a simple look, merely to take nothing away from the outfit and voila!
Who would’ve thought that I’d get to snow a week after this sunny day.. oh wait, right ME ❤❤

Outfit DEEtails:

Top: H&M, similar here

Jeans: Midinette Firenze, similar here and here

Shoes: Vince Camuto, similar here and here

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