The IT factor


We create our own paths, define ourselves with every step, and portray our memories with colors that remind us of what we’ve been through..
I picked this off white fringed crop top because well let’s face it, fringes are an IT factor this year and for some reason it felt like freedom when I put it on, a feeling so uplifting it’s irresistible!



With fringed tops lots of people assume that you need to pair them with anything simple because they’re considered to be too much meanwhile pairing it with something over the top could end up making the outfit look somewhat tacky. Yes that could be true to some extent, however, pairing it with this red slim fit trousers along with a nude pair of Louboutin’s made it still look simple yet vibrant! I believe it’s all in the details and I have to admit if the trousers weren’t a little high waist it would’ve ended up looking weird, proving that there’s always a way to make it work!



Colors don’t define us, they’re merely a simple representation of a distant memory we like to be reminded of every now and then. So pair your outfits on the basis of making it look right. I adore colors, a favorite of mine though will always be white.. And I hope one day when I look back, most of my memories would be filled with the simplicity that is white!




Outfit DEEtails:

Top: Zara, similar here and here

Pants: Mango, similar here and here


6 thoughts on “The IT factor

  1. beautifully written, it’s true “colours don’t define us instead we create our own paths and define ourselves in every step”- I love how you wrote this…

    You’re look is fabulous n i love the top, btw are those loubs comfortable to walk in?

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