Breaking barriers


The beauty of an all white outfit is fully represented in probably every word there is in the book (light, purity, innocence..) Generally all white outfits are statements on their own. Having said that, the unique African handmade touch of an Ankara design here becomes the main focus of it all. Breaking barriers..




Every outfit needs its statement and this one is a favorite of mine! Ankara fashion is filled with a thrilling sensation of color and inspiration! It’s vintage and unique.. A visual paradise of colors if you may.




The beauty of Ankara Fashion is that at the very rare moments of dullness you face with your outfits it stands out and at every moment where your outfit is fully represented in light, purity, or even innocence it breaks barriers; it adds perfection!
A unique perspective..



Outfit DEEtails:

Skirt:ย H&M, similar here and here

Top:ย Zara (no longer available), similar here

Bag: Souq Qaryet Al Beri, similar here



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