Blend In


Art..  Fascinations and abilities to create unique perspectives on how portraits define differentiation. It’s almost as if it purposely blends in yet stands out in the same time! This one is more on blending in..

Spring casuals start with bright colors, off-shoulder tops, and a good pair of jeans!




Reality is, everything and everyone your surrounded with is a platform that defines your identity and virtually creates the uniqueness in you. Then all of a sudden you find that everything in the past, the memories, become pictures of art that blend into reality and stand out because of what they mean to you!




Sometimes we find our selves looking to stand out but sometimes creativity appears blending in! Define phrases and make them go with your own understanding! Be unique, after all that’s what art is!


Outfit DEEtails:

Top: Lookbook store, similar here and here

Jeans: Zara (no longer available), similar here 

Earrings: Asos (no longer available), similar here



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