Fashion Forward Season 7



Held in one of the most fashionably fit venues (and probably named for the event); Dubai Design district 3.. Spacious enough to fill the entirety of UAE’s and Middle East’s Fashion enthusiasts and influencers! Gathered for one similar interest.. FASHION!
Fashion forward always highlights the creative minds and fashionable statements covered by its attendees.




Many of the designs were absolutely phenomenal, the bloggers went all out with their creativity.. And Best part of it all was meeting these stunning, creative, and beautiful people behind it all! I must add that the highlights I share with you here don’t do it justice, but I can only add so many..
Street styling and strutting Dubai’s Fashion Forward D3, snapping and capturing some great moments; only to share with you some of Dubai’s creative social influencers I had the pleasure of spending time with along with sharing the details on my Alexander Wang Day 1 outfit and H&M Day 3 outfit.. What better way to cover it all than on a post with you?!





Stay tuned for DEEpicks and favorites on the new upcoming collections I got to see on the catwalk.

4 thoughts on “Fashion Forward Season 7

  1. Looks like a fun event and a great way to meet like-minded people, there’s so much I like here with your 2 outfits- your plait and silver pumps in the first one, and the dress and heels are a fab combo. Have a good wk! ( :


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