The Blues


The minute you realize that you could be whatever you needed to be with the comfort of your own mind being set to accomplish some dream, no matter how distant, is when you find yourself living for a reason.. And it shouldn’t be to please others but maybe not live in fear of yourself or of giving up! Ambition.. Built by confidence and hard work, believing in yourself and all those around you, and most importantly to see the good!



When your confidence is built you find that nothing is impossible!
Let’s get into it shall we? We imagine that our formals could be at some point too formal.. But with the right bag, the right shoes, and the right attitude we get the perfect fit!




The blues.. Lighter shade for the top versus the darker shade for the bottoms. I’ve mentioned it a number of times in previous posts; yellow will always be my first choice in making a statement to my outfits when I have the “blues”. So strong yet subtle in a way it makes it look like it was just meant to be. Combined together with a fun and cheerful attitude making you wonder what really is too formal about a suit?!



Your attitude and confidence will always be key in life! Not just with your wardrobe.. It makes or breaks you!
So put it on and have fun were here to make a difference aren’t we?!


Outfit DEEtails:

Blazer: Banana Republic, similar here and here

Pants: Banana Republic, similar here and here

Top: Banana Republic, similar here and here

Bag: Banana Republic, similar here

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