Etoile’s Spring fling


An absolutely Stunning and colorful line filled with energy is Mary Katrantzou’s Spring 2016 collection..
Got me twirling around on my tip toes..






Hold on it wasn’t just that, I walked around Etoile’s boutique and wanted to walk out with every outfit displayed, it was like I was walking on a rainbow.. When dreams come to reality and all of a sudden I was that pink fluffy unicorn dancing around the rainbows!
Yes, now that is a true and genuine spring fling!




Ahh if only I could’ve got myself to keep my eyes shut for a few more moments and dreamt till my dreams became a reality.
Something merely close to a dream.. Simply a Mary Katrantzou outfit! A spring fling indeed


Outfit DEEtails:

Skirt: Etoile La boutique, similar here 

Top: Etoile La boutique, similar here 

Bag: Etoile La boutique

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