Little white dress

Dee4Dana © Heather Bonker-24

Sometimes with all that’s going on around you, you forget to pause and take a breather.. To look around and take it in! To walk, to live, and just be yourself!

The outside looks brighter, looks much clearer and you begin to enjoy it more
Watch yourself take the world by a storm..

Dee4Dana © Heather Bonker-13

Dee4Dana © Heather Bonker-18

Dee4Dana © Heather Bonker-27

Dress up because you want to feel better and what better way than with a symbolism of freedom “WHITE”.. The little white dress along with my red sandals and there you have it.

Dee4Dana © Heather Bonker-29

Dee4Dana © Heather Bonker-1

Dee4Dana © Heather Bonker-3

We’re humans and Sometimes we forget but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t remember to live, laugh, and let go!
And just with that I leave you with my little white phenomenon..

DEE Heavy black heart


Outfit DEEtails:

Dress: COS, similar here and here

Sandals: Zara , similar here

Bag: Louis Vuitton 

Photography by: Heather Bonker



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