Be your own goddess

Be your own motivation, be your own guide, be confident, and be an achiever!

Dee4Dana © Heather Bonker-49

As the sun comes up and the world around you seems to be flowing through one perfect pace.. Heart beats faster as you get more excited; excited to new beginnings.. To accomplishing exactly one year of creating a path to your dreams and moving forward to new adventures and looking at all the obstacles around.. Nothing can stop you but yourself!
Dee4Dana © Heather Bonker-48
Dee4Dana © Heather Bonker-56
Dee4Dana © Heather Bonker-61
A post to inspire all those who think it’s impossible and to prove that hard work eventually pays off.
Dee4Dana © Heather Bonker-67
Dee4Dana © Heather Bonker-68
Dee4Dana © Heather Bonker-70
When you stand on both feet don’t let anyone hold you back.. Lead and they will follow.. always be grateful
Be your own goddess


Photo Credit: Heather Bonker


Outfit DEEtails:

Dress: Zara, similar here and here

Shoes: Kurt Geiger, similar here and here

6 thoughts on “Be your own goddess

  1. I was in Zara yesterday and got a fab leather skirt and some polo necks, then I interviewed a vloggerin the evening and she was wearing a blue lace cut out dress from Zara and now here’s you in this fab Zara dress that looks soooooo goood on you! Zara’s design team are mos def knocking it out of the park!
    And yes when it comes to goals, often we are our own worst enemies…Jim Carrey is one of the happy ending stories when it comes to self projection and turning dreams into reality, apparently told himself he’d be a millionaire by X age and so wrote a cheque of that amount and then bla bla af few years later, he was able to cash the millions and so on….what I take from that is Dream Big and Work Bigger! ( :


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