DEE on the Hot Seat


Feeling a sense of excitement to being part of an environment so supportive and empowering women all around the world. I was invited to be one of the ladies on the hot seat at her hub event and was asked a couple of questions on how I started my journey and what my days look like..





Closed my eyes and opened them to being surrounded by a group of beautiful people who wanted to talk to me, people who wanted advice, and people who wanted to get to know Dana.
Opened my eyes to love, admiration, support, and opportunities..
Opened my eyes to having my 11 months of work finally being recognized and what a proud moment that was to me! I’m still not over it and I could say that this was probably the first time I’ve ever felt this.. And “This” referring to the sense of disbelief and a lack of speech! Recognition.. I am grateful to where I am today and for all the support I’ve gotten throughout my journey. This moment that I had experienced will be forever engraved in my heart and mind!



Thank you Her Hub for having me. ♥

Wishing you all feel this way everyday..

Much love,

6 thoughts on “DEE on the Hot Seat

  1. Like i said today on your Instagram Dana, I’m beyond proud of you. You are such a beautiful, generous, humble , wonderful, amazing person. And my list could go on and on babe. I truy love you & your style! You inspire us all. Keep it up beautiful!
    Xx, Raysa


  2. I’m really proud of you babe! This support comes all the way from Cleveland, OH! Supporting other woman is truly something I feel we all need to do more of! Look at you go! Great work, great post! Lots of love! Life is not a fairy tale! We have to make it one… “Telling” our story one blog at a time!


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