for the love of VINTAGE


Always in trend and never gets old.. VINTAGE!

I always wondered how it would’ve been for me to be born in the 60’s – 70’s era! If I had the chance to travel back in time and spend an entire day, I truly believe I would love every second of it!





I love anything and everything that has a touch of “antique”, “vintage” or “retro”. Anything that reminds me of what my mamma or grandma wore back in the days. Flares, messy hair, big round shades.. A few of so many inspiring simple outfits that I just love and would wear everyday!




Bringing me to wearing a pair of high-waist trousers; checkered print, and a long sleeve blouse tucked in. Simple sandals for my shoe choice.

Clothes.. Like fine wine, the older the better!




Outfit DEEtails:

Trousers: Midinette Firenze, similar here and here

Blouse: Midinette Firenze, similar here and here

3 thoughts on “for the love of VINTAGE

  1. I love vintage too, my fav decade is the 70s and I wish I could have gone to Studio 54 in its hey day…I also love antique furniture…and back to you, am loving the fit of those checkered trousers and the colourful top you paired it with! xo


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