V-Neck Sweater


Hello my loves!

I can’t believe it’s almost Christmas! It’s very exciting and a bit stressful since I didn’t finish my gifts shopping yet! Every time I go to the mall, I end up shopping for myself!

This is so bad I know; but hopefully today I would be a really good girl and finish all my Christmas shopping to be on Santa’s nice list




The weather is getting cooler here in Abu Dhabi, and its time to start re-organizing my wardrobe! I usually do this twice a year, before summer and winter (its either too hot here or too cold) by packing up my summer clothes and unpacking my winter collection.




For today’s look, I’m wearing a V-neck sweater and my crossover trousers. A bit oversized and cozy just the way I love it.


Hoping that you’ve all been on Santa’s not-so-naughty list and did a better job with your Christmas shopping so far!

Sending through lots of love and warm hugs!!





Outfit DEEtails:

Sweater: Zarasimilar here and here

Trousers: Zara, similar here and here

Shoes: Mango, similar here and here

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