Ill start off this post explaining what it is that happened last week. So preparing for last weeks shoot all dressed up and we get to my location when the humdity level was over 85 percent! The Camera’s focus went blind! And that was that.
Fortunately humidity level was a bit lower and the camera worked considering that the sun shined as bright as ever!

Sunshine is what this post represents to me. Yellow reminding me of sunlight and brightness, and navy blue reminding me of the shades.
When I first started blogging I shared my favorite color pairings on a number of posts with you. So back to the inevitable Yellow and navy blue. Best thing about them is that it doesn’t really matter where you wear a pairing like this to.. Formal or casual, you can make this pairing work..
Surround yourself with brightness and happiness and don’t let humidity stop you!

Outfit DEEtails:

Top: Zara, similar here and here

Trouser: Zara, similar here and here

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