Wide Leg Trouser

Eid holiday was a long nice 4 day weekend catching up with my family and giving me just the right boost to kick off the week with a smile and optimism to whats ahead!




For a bright sunny Sunday like today; wearing a wide leg trouser was my first option! Reasons to why I’m a big fan of those trousers are:

TREND; you can choose to pair them with different top styles (cropped, tight, loose..).

CHIC and well… TAILORED; they make you look taller and help shape up your frame (if that’s what you’re looking for!).

As for this outfit’s pairing, it was the amazing Jessica Alba that inspired the gingham shirt to go along with the “chosen trousers” of the day! Quotes for intensity haha :$




What makes you choose your pairings?

Much Love..



Outfit DEEtails:

Shirt: Humble chic, similar here and here

Trouser: Mango, similar here and here

20 thoughts on “Wide Leg Trouser

    1. Thank you gorgeous!! Im glad you liked it! I am also glad you choose your pairings depending on your mood because that goes to show how fabulous your mood is (based on your outfits)
      Much love to u sweetheart!!

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