The Classics

To the 50s and 60s, the black and white era. To the beautiful sound of Sinatra. To the fascination of Marilyn Monroe and the inspiration of Audrey Hepburn.





Sometimes its the simplest of images and the untold stories that inspires me most. I dream of the hidden truth.
Listen to the stories of Marilyn and Joe.. To Audrey Hepburnโ€™s moon river.. To that passionate voice of Frank Sinatra and let your imaginations run wild. Let that inspire you.

IMG_3744 IMG_3758 IMG_3823

Black and white.. Dedicated to that golden era, the so-called babyboomers and the simplicity. ย Checks and a black peplum top.

What inspires you?


Outfit DEEtails:

Top: H&M,ย similar here and here

Pants: Zara,ย similar here and here

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