I’ve had one exact feeling since stepping onto this beautiful country.. Each part of it that I’ve visited so far became a favorite of mine; this goes to show how much I’ve adored this place! Taking the risk of letting the inner child of me go; I want to live all around Italy!
Florence, is the land of Romance! The city of magic. A place that tells a thousand love story; with magical streets all around.

It surprised me that I was even able to shop there more than any other city! I was lucky to have found so many vintage local shops. Its a rule in my book while travelling I tend to look for local shops so I can find something unique and special. And so I did, I found everything I was looking for in Florence.




With all that shopping I did in Florence I had my eye on my sister’s dress! :$ hahah Yes I had to put in on and to go with it I couldn’t think of any better fit other than my previous DEE-IY hair crown to showoff the stand-up collar of the dress.




Final stop, Amalfi Coast.

Outfit DEEtails:

Dress: H&M, similar here and here

19 thoughts on “Florence

  1. Whoa!!! Dana, you look so gorgeous! That dress and the hair = perfect. I agree with Moji above, what a romantic look and breathtaking place!

    Cannot wait to make it to Florence too one day. Safe travels babe! Have a fantastic week in the city of magic and romance!

    PS. Cannot wait to see your vintage finds!

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