Travel Essentials

After all the counting and anticipation, the day is finally here! So I’m finally off to Italy! YAY!! And i decided to share with you some important DEEpicks of my travel essentials 🙂

I found this travel wallet that I really liked, its a small organizer for passports and some travel documents which is definitely vital to me since I tend to lose most of my papers. I also chose my favorite lip balm and sunblock that in my opinion no one should ever travel without! I mean as a tourist, you are going to be spending most of the day walking under the sun and you need to protect your skin.
As for the clothings; I usually go with comfort.. from sneakers to a basic oversized shirt. And of course, a camera so that i could share my DEE diaries during my trip to this beautiful country.
Share your travel essentials below.. I don’t want to be missing anything.


travel essentials

Picks DEEtails:


15 thoughts on “Travel Essentials

  1. That travel wallet looks so convenient! I think I’ll get one for my next trip 🙂 Can’t wait to see your photos from Italy. Hope you have an amazing time! xx


  2. Cool, Italy, I wonder what part! Liking that travel wallet, I’ve got something similar and its so handful coz in the airport you need money, you’re bringing out passport and passes regularly and you dont want to be rummaging in your bag for ages looking for things. I would add antihistamine tablets (for my allergies), a small make up bag to carry my essentials, a novel to read on the beach, mints…Enjoy hon! La Dolce Vita! x

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    1. Rome, Milan, Florence so far!
      I know what you mean.. I cant even count the number of times I’ve had to go through my bag for different sort of things! It really makes life much easier.. At least the hassle!
      Love ur additions; I’ll make sure I add a novel next time.. Maybe we could share notes
      Thank you gorgeous! 😉 ❤ ❤


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