Peplum Top


This week was a very long and tiring week, and to add the cherry on top I got the flu! But hey optimistically speaking, it’s finally the weekend and I have it all to catch up on some rest, sleep and get back to full health!

Back story of this post is that dressing up always makes me feel better and as per the usual I tend to start pairing my outfits based on the SHOES, my braided sexy yet comfy pumps.. Then following up with a simple grey and black outfit with a statement necklace! (Hoping that they paired well)




I love a Peplum cut, and especially the Pleated Peplum design on this top; since I feel it works well with any sort of body type (It minimizes the appearance of your belly which is much needed to me LOL!) plus its gives you a nice elegant/chic look!





I would love to know your thoughts on the peplum cut top
Wishing you all a healthy and relaxing weekend! 🙂

Outfit DEEtails:

Top: Mango (no longer available), similar here and here

Trouser: Zara, similar here and here

Shoes: Zara, similar here and here

15 thoughts on “Peplum Top

  1. Oh Dana, the shoes!!!!! What a beauty. I want!!!!
    I think the look came together nicely. The vibe is pretty effortless and chic. I love the peplum! Bought myself two in the style recently haha.
    Awww those shoooezzz… Le sigh. Major shoe envy here obviously, ha. Forgive me!
    You look gorgeous as usual! :-*

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  2. Ok.So. Health first- hope you are much better hon! I know this is a peplum post but as others have weighed in here, I have to focus on yr trousers, I’m liking the chic casual feel of them and the colours of your ensemble go well with those fab pumps! The embellished necklace also is a nice contrast with the plain top! X

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