Top 10 DEE Makeup Picks‏

I’m not a makeup expert, but lately my interest towards makeup is growing; thanks to a friend of mine who took me on a makeup shopping spree and ever since I fell in love with the makeup ‘makeover’ process! It used to be very confusing to me with all the different types and different brands. So I chose to share with you my very own MakeupPicks that I’ve been using so far and I’m totally satisfied with the results.

Makeup Picks

It was hard for me to choose one lipstick color, but I picked out my favorite Peachy Yellow brown that I usually prefer wearing during anytime of the day.
As for my concealer, I used to put on the Helena Rubinstein Magic Concealer but unfortunately they stopped selling this product in the U.A.E. so I found the Maybelline Age Rewind Concealer that I personally feel is the best I’ve used to date.
And finally for the foundation, I cant really say which specific brand is the best since; I feel in my opinion, there are different types of foundation that are suitable for certain skin types and different skin tones but I chose the brand that blended perfectly with my skin.

Picks DEEtails:

10 thoughts on “Top 10 DEE Makeup Picks‏

  1. I’m sooooo into makeup, i am not particularly good at putting it on- but I love to get my makeup done! in fact I just made a friend who is a makeup artist and she’s done my make up twice! you have a good makeup selection of bigger power brands and then the ones that are on a lower scale. I’m also intrigued by yr peachey yellow brown lippy, i’m trying to work out what colour that is… X


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