The Dilemma

Yet another thing to add to my obsession list: Vests! A lil obvious by now.. i know but what can I say; I put them on and they always make me feel fabulous!

Camel colored tops and vests help solve, what i refer to as, the “colors-for-seasons” dilemma. Because this color is neither too bright nor too gloomy you always know that you could wear them at any point all year long.
As for the pairings I of course decided to go with my light jeans and comfy heels (I didn’t purposely make it rhyme lol)
A half-up ponytail to start this Monday off after my long weekend

I’ll be adding some DEEpicks on make-up next.. stay tuned!



Outfit DEEtails:

Top: Asos, similar here and here

Vest: Zamira, similar here and here

Jeans: Zara (no longer available), similar here and here

Heels: Mango, similar here and here

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