Hair Crown

Here are my steps to doing a simple yet messy on-the-go hair crown! IMG_1090


We start off with a bunch of bobby pins (as many as needed) and of course your hair split straight down the middle. Tip: it doesn’t really have to be perfectly straight IMG_1048 Step 1: Braid both sides of your hair and make sure you loosen them up (try pulling them apart) IMG_1054IMG_1069IMG_1072 Step 2: Wrap your first braid up towards the other side then place a pin on the tip of the braid to hold it steady. IMG_1075 Step 3: Don’t forget about your second braid! You would want to pin through parts of your second braid on the top to secure its place IMG_1080IMG_1086 Step 4 (Optional): Pull down short strings of your hair for a more messy look. You could always leave out your bangs too! IMG_1097 And there you have it.. Stay tuned for my next DIY!


15 thoughts on “Hair Crown

    1. Thank you beautiful ♥ I agree with you, It is a quick and easy hairstyle that would be perfect for a night out I’m wearing a long dress (it’s a Moroccan Kaftan) and i’m glad you liked it 🙂


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