Abaya is a very common garment in the gulf and the Middle East. Women wear them in different shapes and styles on many different occasions. Since the colors of my Abaya were blue and bright I chose to wear it on my basics (White tee and a pair of jeans)! I must say Abayas are honestly a big help when your confused about what you want to wear!

Being me; I don’t usually wear watches but I decided to accessorize with this ZIIIRO Celeste watch that combines the beauty of color and form by displaying time using two transparent discs. Overlapping both discs creates an array of unlimited stylish color tones.
IMG_0841 IMG_0808
Pair some sandals to the outfit and there you have it!
With love

Outfit DEEtails:

Abaya: Fashlink, similar here 

Watch: TimeSouq

Shoes: Topshop, similar here and here

Jeans: Mango, similar here

Top: Mango, similar here and here

13 thoughts on “The ABAYA

  1. I adore the silhouette of this garment, regal look of it, billowing sleeves…. I love piecfes like this that you can just fling on and your look is instantly glamourised! Its the same effect that kaftans give me and I’m obsessed with kaftans…that eazy breezy glam summer look never goes out of style!x


    1. I agree its one of the reasons why I decided to wear a simple tee and jeans under! I am obsessed with them!! Wanted to purchase the entire store!
      Thank you for your insight!


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