Turkey Season


Finding color themes to go with winter and of course the turkey and mashed holidays..  thanksgiving!

So I recently discovered Reebonz online which made life much easier for me when I shopped for some of my favorite brands with a click of a button. Which brings me to this next point of discussion, the Chloe bag..



My favorite item for this season is this velvet burgundy Chloe beauty! Ahh I truly based the entire outfit on the bag as soon I got my hands on it! Paired with a wide cuff knit top along with brown slim fit trousers.




You always have the easy choice of putting on any pair of nude shoes for an outfit like this just merely to stick with the color theme. I mean at this point I’m sure you all have noticed that my preference has always been the nudes!


Wishing you all a thanksgiving filled with turkeys, gravy, and fatty desserts 🤗❤



Outfit DEEtails:

Bag: Reebonz

Top: Storets, similar here and here

Pants: Zara (no more available),similar here and here

Shoes: Valentino, similar here

Home away from home

A weekend away from home..


Featuring Kempinski hotel mall of the emirates and my weekend getaway staying at their recently launched Aspen Ski Chalets.

First off, being a resident in the UAE the chances of seeing actual snow is slim to none. So, having to wake up to the view of the snowy slopes of Ski Dubai by the fire place felt absolutely sublime! The spacious bedrooms, the walls, the kitchen, ahh that marble bathroom was literally everything!


The phrase “home away from home” works perfectly with this.. Onto my outfits for this weekend’s getaway, I wore my favorite Asos jeans paired with a sassy cropped top.


Moving on to a light blue ruffle dress to go with the Spanish paella I had for dinner hahaha.. cheeky I know, but I had to go for it!




I honestly am counting the days to my next visit at the hotel, thanking it for the memories..




Outfit DEEtails:

Dress: Zara, similar here and here

Jeans: Asos, similar here



It’s MFW

Milan Fashion Week, Spring Summer 2017

After spending so much time in preparation and anticipation for my first ever abroad fashion week, sharing this milestone with my best friend who I had the pleasure of styling as well, I am so excited to share my looks throughout this fabulous week!

Milan Fashion Week, Spring Summer 2017

Milan Fashion Week, Spring Summer 2017

I’ve taken so much time prepping myself for the streets of Milan and on my first ever Milan Fashion Week show I decided to go with the trendiest of items this year and strut my way through the first show in my casual denim on denim pick of the day.

Milan Fashion Week, Spring Summer 2017

Wearing a custom handmade denim jacket for the cool winter breeze paired along with this high waist mom jeans with flared frill hem. As for the shoes, looking for chic on the casuals, my new pair of gold block heeled mule sufficed! Making my statement in denim



Outfit DEEtails:

Jacket: Hafsa Lodi, similar here and here

Jeans: Asos, similar here 

Shoes: Asos, similar here and here

Photography by Michael lp



It begins with what they call a “fadeaway”
Stripes and a beautiful pastel blue top fading into one another!
The work done on this piece is absolutely stunning.. A vision of art and that is something I adore about fashion. It’s not always outfits and clothes, it’s creativity and artistic ability!



I am generally inspired by little things.. Things that don’t necessarily stand out but do have a creative aspect about them.
I really didn’t need to do much with this outfit.. Accessories none! I wanted to wear a pair of nude shoes but went with brown for a small change in the pastels unit. Straight hair, simple make up.. I practically stood there for twenty minutes snapped photos in different plain backgrounds and they all worked! When inspirations turn passions into reality..



If that’s not art then I don’t know what is!





Outfit DEEtails:

Dress: Anatomi, similar here




Ubud..  The magic that is best described as heaven on earth. We walk around the world and visit places, step foot onto our journey in exploring every little small place; then comes Ubud.


Meditating and relaxing in the hippie side of town . Walking around their beautiful roads and finding people wear the off shoulders, the shorts, the tanks and the flowy beach dresses. Continue reading



With inspirations to enhance your creativity, in a sky filled with stars you find your self shine the brightest.
Yellow.. What else then? On denim but there are always ways for you to be different, no unique! We walk for miles and miles yet when we look around; we find ourselves standing around the same spot.
The one difference is that with every step you stand a little bit taller.. That, is my definition of confidence. You could walk a million miles, go through a thousand sea, see the darkness and the light and still find yourself standing around the same spot but if we choose to take every step as a learning curve then all of a sudden your energy is lifted and a bit taller (wiser) you are.
Let your energy redirect the sun ray towards your soul and shine through..
Stand Taller!



Outfit DEEtails:

Top: H&M, similar here and here

Jeans: Zara, similar here





Whether it were the red roses, the chocolates, the cards, or the company your surrounded with; on February 14 we like to dress up!
We like to get fancied up and a pair of hot red Kurt Geiger shoes along with this lace white and soft pleats black bottom IRIN jumpsuit should do it! But then again we also need to look at the bigger picture here..

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I spent the first couple of days of this beautiful new year with the preparations of my ’16 objectives and goals list! Such an exciting period of time this is. It’s almost the 1 year anniversary of the launch of DEEFORDANA and I’m filled with joy for all the love and support I’ve gotten from all you beautiful people.

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Processed with Snapseed.

Where magic is created, it puts a smile on all our angels, it creates a dynamic world where we for a couple of minutes relive our childhood dreams..

Processed with Snapseed.

Processed with Snapseed.

Processed with Snapseed.

almost instantly creating a type of happiness we always wanted to be in! A white angelic dress I fell so inlove with a year ago and had to wear it again.. didn’t want to take it off! It’s a perfect fit for the image I had in my mind as soon as my eyes grasped sight of the carrousel ride..

Processed with Snapseed.


Processed with Snapseed.

White could never be complicated a reason why I love the color so much! Wearing it with comfortable brown flats along with a couple of accessories is just how I ever imagined this shoot to be, what’s left was pretending for a couple of minutes that we’re children again..

FullSizeRender (1).jpg


Live in a world filled with Carrousels ❤




Outfit DEEtails:

Dress: Bambah, similar here and here